BUDS Gardeners

Wood Chips

If you would be willing to take a complete load of woodchips from a tree service, then contact us to have your general address (not house number) put onto the list below.  When wood chips are available, a tree service will call you directly to arrange a delivery at your house address.  If they cannot reach you then the load will go to the next person in their area who answers.  They cannot hold chips for another date, and you must have an area ready for them to be dumped.  If you will be able to take chips only a specific date then list it so the workers aren't wasting their time calling.  Regarding the type of wood chips they have that day and how much could be mixed wood parts, you get what they have unless you want to pay them for a specific type of load.   That you must negotiate with them.

Send an e-mail to cshenkle@verizon.net to be listed.


1.  Brunnquell   Conrad Lane       Rockton                 253-566-6188

2.  Bobal           Bobal Road         Reynoldsville         814-591-6344

3.  Hudsick       Munn Road         Penfield                  814-590-2665

4.  Kaushik       Beck Lane           Reynoldsville         973-214-6966

5.  Webster      East Logan Ave   DuBois                   814-603-1133

6.   Shenkle      Liddle Road         DuBois                   814-590-9010

7.   Kunes         Salada Road       Sabula/DuBois       814-771-3464